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As an estate planning attorney, Luke is not only concerned with helping you distribute your assets as you wish after your death, he is also concerned with the quality of your life.

Without the proper estate planning, families may need to go to court to get the authority to make health care and financial decisions for their loved ones.  Effective planning avoids court intervention, thereby saving money, effort and anxiety during an already stressful time.

Luke will assist in creating estate plans that provide for your specific needs, preserve assets, lessen estate taxation, and avoid court intervention. Our office handles all forms of estate and trust administration after an individual has died.

Estate planning can be a daunting process. We will guide you through the intricacies of planning an efficient, private and thoughtful plan for the legacy left to your children and heirs.  Minimization or elimination of estate taxes is achievable with proper trust planning.  We have years of experience and keep current on all state and federal changes that will affect your plan.

We will coordinate all court filings, real estate appraisals, asset valuations, notices to heirs, and public newspaper notices. Referrals are made, if necessary, to a Certified Public Accountant for preparation of federal and state (MA or RI) estate and income tax returns.

We service the following Massachusetts County Registries of Probate for your legal needs:  Bristol, Plymouth, Norfolk, Barnstable, Middlesex, Worcester, Essex, and Suffolk.

Call 508-676-3333 today to schedule a free initial consultation.